Study & work from home with your own flexible hours to suit you

Study and work from home with flexible hours to suit you and your family with our fully mentored Diploma in Sport Marketing course

Use your free time around our lucrative EWYL Diploma program  for something else

SMARTER Sports Marketing AcademyWith Sports Marketing Academy, the best thing about studying its programs included “Earn-While-You-Learn (EWYL) projects” are that you can gain a prestigious qualification AND earn great money, from home, working as little as 12 hours a week or make serious money by working for longer. And use your spare time to do other activities such as spending it with your children, family, and friends. For those looking to gain the academic credentials for their ideal Sports Marketing job, a full or part-time study and work opportunity serve as a stepping block to high paid employment. And one that offers you the flexibility to obtain the background and experience required to secure high-paying roles in the Sports Marketing Industry.

Sports MarketingSo good is the training and earning opportunities with SMARTER Sports Marketing Academy and their Sports Industry partner companies, that many of their students decide to continue selling with Sports Marketing Academy or setup independently with  Sports Marketing Academy and their sporting and recreational industry business partners.

Full or part-time study and Earn While You Learn (EWYL) positions, alongside the huge earning potential and opportunities, also appeal to those with other interests that keep them from run-of-the-mill job positions, such as writing, charity work, looking after young children or artistic and musical interests.

Become top of the list for any Sports Marketing job

Within the Sports Marketing Industry, companies often accept SMARTER student employees (even sponsor their training) to gain SPorts Marketing Academy’s expertise, at little cost to them. This offers SMARTER students the opportunity to position themselves as the obvious Sports Marketing candidate for when a glowing position in a regular full-time job becomes available. SMARTER’s Diploma in Sports Marketing combined with its Earn While You Learn (EWYL) courses definitely help individuals gain experience, hugely adds to their sports marketing CV and gain crucial experience in exactly the fields that all Sports Industry companies want and desire. After all, an employer who may be reluctant to hire an inexperienced person on a full-time basis may be very inclined to hire and sponsor an eager student candidate on a part-time basis, who has expressed an enthusiastic desire to learn.

SMARTER Diploma in Sports Marketing course is an ideal opportunity to earn great money

The world leading Smarter Academy really does workAlthough this may sound counter-intuitive, studying and earning great money on SMARTER’s Earn-While-You-Learn (EWYL) Diploma in Sports Marketing course (distance learning) enables motivated individuals to make great money – especially if you are capable of following SMARTER’s leading tuition, are friendly and outgoing in sales motivated mindset and have the ability to concentrate and work hard. With a world-renowned organisation such as Sports Marketing Academy – really, the only limitation of what you can achieve is YOU and your willingness to put the effort in, and believe in yourself!

Reduce your workload and stress level in working from home and make great money

Lots of independent studies show that full-time workers in conventional jobs tend to feel burnt out, due to the lack of time required both to exercise and rest, enjoy the outdoors and sunshine, and generally commit themselves to a healthier lifestyle outside their working hours when they often have to commit their time to other family responsibilities etc. On the contrary, both SMARTER’s full and part-time students control their own lifestyles and wellbeing, can work when and where they want, can hit the countryside or gymnasium when they want (which is usually more often) and therefore get a much better night’s sleep. The SMARTER Diploma in Sports Marketing distance learning course puts you in control and permit your full or part-time study and on-the-job earning decisions and opportunities to allow for more efficient management of daily tasks like dependent children, grocery shopping and completing other essential household chores – ultimately resulting in more order in your home life and work/life balance.

Get paid for recruiting family & friends to the SMARTER AcademyIn parallel with this, SMARTER’s full and part-time students often experience far decreased financial stress, because they control their own earning potential, time spent earning and budget their own spending habits to align with their chosen income, directly in line with how many hours they choose to work. Many of Sport Marketing Academy’s students once they realize the full earning potential of SMARTER’s Diploma program, chose to devote all their spare time to researching and following up more leads – automated systems allow you to research more leads, automatically email each and even order your supplied inbox for following up on your sales leads (all diploma programs come with an inclusive Sports Marketing Academy email account to ensure you appear knowledgable and professional from the outset).

If you follow your mentors guidelines and tuition to the letter, with Sports Marketing Academy’s top-level selection of Sports & Recreational Industry suppliers and the increasingly high commission allocations Sport Marketing Academy offers – tier one referrals get 40% commission on their sales and for tier two, you will get 20%, tier three 10% and so on down to 1% that you will get throughout 24 tiers of everybody’s introductions. Once you see your high commission revenues building up in your control panel; you’ll find yourself naturally motivated to working harder and you will be naturally more motivated and organized to follow up upon more of your leads. And most importantly enjoy yourself in your studies and be in control of your own life to spend your time enjoying the earnings that SMARTER’s Diploma in Sports Marketing program provides you with.

Enjoy your time off with your family and friends

Earn great money whilst you learn how "to SELL" on top retail technology systemsStudying part or full-time with Earn While You Learn (EWYL) opportunities, even working full-time hours from the comfort of your own home, SMARTER is ideal for family-oriented individuals – especially those who value the opportunity to attend regular medical appointments or pick up their children from school, for example. Furthermore, many full or part-timers may work from home and save on their children’s daycare expenses. Along with the high potential revenues from Sports Marketing Academy’s sales and those alongside gained from all your family and friends that you introduce into our 7-tier referral program, you will probably very much exceed the money you would otherwise earn by working full-time in a well paid “normal job”.

Save the stress and travel costs of a normal job

Another advantage of studying and working part or full time at home and at your own pace is that earning as you learn students with this opportunity, earn great money whilst saving money on normal work travel costs and eating out lunchtime expenses, etc.

What are you waiting for – improve your life, earn better money and enrol for SMARTER’s Diploma in Sports Marketing distance learning course and high earning sales opportunities today!