Sports Marketing Academy’s Referral Program

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SMARTER Sports Marketing AcademyEverybody is capable of studying and earning great money on SMARTER’s Earn-While-You-Learn (EWYL) Diploma in Sports Marketing course by distance learning, which enables all motivated individuals to make great money – 40% of SMARTERS commission allocation on students you directly refer and your own Sports Marketing sales. And up to 20% on students that you have referred yourself and then more commissions on those that they have referred, all the way down until 24 tiers of introductions. Earn great money on every single product and service that each student will learn to sell across the four levels of our Diploma, across 24 levels of student introduction. Sports Marketing Academy seriously rewards students for introducing their family and friends to enrol within our Diploma in Sports Marketing program!

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SMARTER Diploma in Sports Marketing from the Sports Marketing AcademyWe think “yes” and want you to introduce them as students into our Diploma course in Sports Marketing so they too can earn great money with us – they become your direct introductions and you earn 30% of SMARTERs commission allocation on all of their Student Referral Program introductions and all of their product and service sales too.

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