Sports Marketing Academy in Retail Technology, Ecommerce & Recruitment (SMARTER)

SMARTER Sports Marketing Academy

SMARTER Sports Marketing Academy is, put quite simply; the best & most lucrative introduction one can get to a career in Sports Marketing today!

SMARTER Diploma in Sports Marketing from the Sports Marketing AcademySports Marketing Academy’s progressively advancing levels of the prestigious “SMARTER Diploma in Sports Marketing” offer students the chance to “earn whilst they learn” from those amongst the best online sports marketing professionals in the Sports Marketing industry – you will be learning on-the-job, alongside the opportunity of lucratively selling “real sports products and services”, whilst being provided with and using the latest in sales and marketing theories, retailing technologies and making use of the most advanced eCommerce and automation systems, available today.

The Sports Marketing Diploma course is delivered in structured modules across four six-month levels, where you’ll learn, market and sell the sports, their coaches and instructors, the sportswear & equipment and even sports real estate; for gymnasiums, sports clubs, sports grounds and pitches.

Earn great money whilst you learn how "to SELL" on top retail technology systemsThe Sports Marketing industry in one of the most universally attractive, financially lucrative, diverse and geographically widespread marketplaces, about today. You’ll be taught and mentored by true professionals in the Sports Marketing industry – those that have been coaching children and sportsmen and women across their entire lifetimes. Alongside some of the leading sports industry suppliers around today!

There are no restrictions on who can join our Diploma program – all that is required is the will to learn and earn BIG, and our Diploma mentors are more than experienced enough, to coach you to reach this world-renowned qualification and subsequently, a very lucrative career in the Sports Marketing industry.

Meet our team

Sports Marketing Academy's Management Team -
    Joanne Kearney

    Joanne leads the Marketing Team for English Speaking countries

    Joanne Kearney
    Marketing Manager ESC
    Maria Jacinta

    Maria leads the Marketing Team in countries speaking English as a second language

    Maria Jacinta
    Marketing Manager ESL
    Damien Shore

    Damien heads development of the business and it's finances, and selects partner products for our students EWYL marketing

    Damien Shore
    Business & Finance Director
    Tim Wade

    Tim is the brains behind all our Information Systems and leads delivering student education

    Tim Wade
    Information & Education Director
Sports Marketing Academy
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Our advantages

Products & Services

Earn your Diploma and earn great money whilst proactively selling the leading sporting products and services in the whole Sports & Recreation Industry

Management & Reputation

Know the Sports Industry is going to purchase from you, backed by Sports Marketing Academy Limited's legendary reputation in the marketplace

Designs, Interfaces & Tools

Use SMARTER's automated online toolset to reach your local sporting market on autopilot and create great marketing content & materials that sells

Your Reputation & Brand

Learn how to establish YOUR name in the Sports & Recreational Industries by designing your own sales portfolio website (not included) at the top of Google