SMARTER Sports Marketing & Online Retail Automation Platform

SMARTER is an end-to-end Sports Marketing & Online Retail Automation Platform that is redesigning the future of the sports, recreation and marketing industries online retailing, utilizing the leading web technologies available today.

SMARTER Academy Diploma in Sports Marketing & Online Retail Automation PlatformBy joining our Diploma in Sports Marketing Program and by both utilizing our automated sales processes and learning and understanding its design and implementation, our students can and will save many valuable days, weeks, months and years in introducing, documenting and cataloging vital client data and vastly improving their “reach” whilst minimizing workload and ensuring professional accuracy. Both whilst making high volumes of sales whilst studying on our Diploma Program and more importantly, developing equally effective automated processes for leading their Sales Teams in the future.

This gives our students huge advantages in researching potential customers, extracting and cataloging customer data, ensuring data accuracy, eliminating and minimising duplicated tasks, analyzing data in line with potential client industries alongside localised behaviors and habit, and drastically aiding our students effectiveness in marketing, producing sales materials and content, cataloging the sales process to get actionable insights that improve customer experiences, driving large numbers of sale conversions, hugely improving qualified potential customer volumes and achieving large volumes of sales whilst significantly reducing student workload and sales costs.

SMARTER and Sports Marketing Academy will noticeably aid you to digitally map your product and service sales DNA to create a one-of-a-kind online retail experience for your customers and automatically provide product information into the Sports Marketing sales language that your customers can expect and understand so that you can make wholly informed business and sales decisions alongside.