SMARTER Sports Marketing Academy pays great commission to 24 levels of its Student Referral Program

Market and sell a leading range of sporting and recreational products and services

Earn GREAT money – 40% of SMARTER’s commission allocation, on all of your own introductions and sales. And then the students you introduce too! 20% at tier 2. 10% at tier 3 etc. All the way down to level 24 of your student introductions (and their student introductions) “on all sales” throughout our Student Referral Program

SMARTER Sports Marketing AcademySMARTER’s full and part-time students earn great money – 40% of SMARTERs commission allocation on your own product and service sales and your own student introductions. And 20% on the referrals and sales of your introductions through our Student Referral Program. And further commissions on all of their introductions and sales – all the way down to level 24!

Our students control their own lifestyles and wellbeing. They can work when and where they want. They can visit the cinema, countryside, gymnasium or restaurant when they want (usually more often) and therefore get a much better night’s sleep.

Get paid for recruiting family & friends to the SMARTER AcademyThe SMARTER Diploma in Sports Marketing distance learning course puts you in control and lets your study time decisions and on-the-job earning opportunities bring in more money allowing for more efficient management of normal daily tasks like dependent children, grocery shopping and completing other essential household chores – ultimately resulting in more order in your home life.

In parallel with this, SMARTER’s full and part-time students experience far decreased financial stress, because they control their own earning potential. They control the time they spend studying, earning and learn to budget their own spending habits to align with their chosen income. And directly in line with how many hours they, themselves choose to work.

Many of Sports Marketing Academy’s students once they realize the full earning potential of the Diploma programs earning opportunities, just in their immediate local area, choose to devote all their spare time to researching and following up more leads, and earn even more!

SMARTER’s automated sales systems allow students to follow up more leads, to automatically make contact with each, and to plan sales follow-ups. Our systems even organise your inbox for following up on your sales leads – all of our Diploma programs come with an inclusive Sports Marketing Academy email account to ensure you appear knowledgable and professional from the outset.