eCommerce & Sales Management System

SMARTER’s online platform and training teach you to automate Sports Marketing Academy’s sales lead generation and storage tasks from multiple sources like websites, chats, social media and sports & recreational industry trade shows – ensure you don’t miss out on converting your qualified and quality sourced leads to high paying sale closure. Learn how not get overloaded with the sheer number of prospective sales leads you effectively need to handle.

eCommerce sales funnel system to convert your sales leads into high paying customersSports Marketing Academy’s Diploma in Sports Marketing and its predefined sales lead workflow rules to let you assign qualified sales leads based on location, need, product and service requirement and interest, and effectively construct proven queues to route, prospect, handle leads equally and effectively optimize follow-ups into closure.

All is included within the multi-level eCommerce and SMARTER sales systems inclusive as part of our Diploma in Sports Marketing program and without the requirement for any expensive third-party software (all students are provided SMA email addresses to ensure a totally professional appearance alongside their Diploma enrolment).

We’ll teach you how have your sales campaigns performed – how many of your sales prospects have responded well to a specific campaign or promotion. All of these details are available right inside our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and you can adjust and tailor your sales calls to exact each into a converted customer.

As well as the web design and search engine optimisation (SEO) elements of our Diploma curriculum (and although we don’t expect you to invest money in them as part of the Diploma program), we’ll teach you about Facebook Ads and Google AdWords spending so you can best work out how paid ads help you create and convert leads to customers. Spend your ad budget money how and where it best counts and get how to get a far better return on your investment (ROI) by targeting your product and services advertisements toward your most profitable sales.