Diploma in Sports Marketing: SMARTER Level 2

£119.00 £99.00 for 6 months

Diploma in Sports Marketing: SMARTER Level 2, Sports Marketing Academy in Retail Technology, eCommerce & Recruitment (SMARTER) is our 6-month second-level course to your Diploma in Sports Marketing and is delivered in easily understandable “bite-sized” modules which alongside our leading sports industry business partners, allowing students to earn-whilst-you-learn (EWYL), throughout the course.

An average student is expected to recuperate their course fee many times over in EWYL commissions from both our Student Referral Program and on products and services sold on the practical assignments and assessments performed over the six-month duration of their Level 1 coursework.


SMARTER Diploma in Sports Marketing

The “Diploma in Sports Marketing: SMARTER Level 2” course is our second level Diploma qualification and begins to introduce you to how the course is delivered, in an electronic format by module orientated tuition with Earn-Whilst-You-Learn (EWYL) Sports and Recreational Marketing projects, practical assignments and your Diploma assessments.

Each module covers a progressive series of Sports and Recreational Marketing theory, practical assessment assignments and EWYL assignments in very real “live environment” marketing and sales situations. These practical exercises allow students to earn-whilst-they-learn whilst dealing with very real marketing situations and problems, therefore, developing their skills and solutions with real customers whilst they hone and perfect their skills within a real-time Sports and Recreational Industry environment.

Our Diploma curriculum covers a range of progressively advancing marketing theory, practical exercises and EWYL assignments covering all areas of Sports Marketing Academy’s subject matter including Sales and Marketing, Retailing Technologies, eCommerce & Recruitment coursework, allowing each student to earn great money whilst they learn with us.

The courseware is specifically designed to allow students to decide whether they dedicate just a few hours a week to their study in assimilating the required theory and practical exercises or as much time as they want in earning great money whilst achieving Level 1 of their Diploma in Sports Marketing award. It offers those students with more time to donate with a hugely exponential earning potential, ie the more time you can donate to the EWYL assignments; the far more lucrative the rewards. Most students that have taken full advantage of our Student Referral Program earn far more from our tiered 24-level commission program just from the students they have personally introduced to Sports Marketing Academy – easily recuperating their own Diploma’s tuition fees time and time again.

Continuing from Level 1, during our Level 2 Diploma program you will learn the values of and be assessed on the continuing theory of: Sports Industry Marketing Methodology, Sports Industry Recruitment, Marketing Content & Materials Creation and Online Sports Industry Lead Research Platforms (LFP’s) and be presented practical sports and recreational industry problems to solve, preparing and submitting coursework. And now, at Level 2, to use the knowledge and skills you have learned, to sell some additional basic and progressing to mid-level products and services (earning progressively more commissions per sale than in Level 1 – also from your introduced student downstream) into the Sports and Recreation Industries.


  • Diploma: Diploma in Sports Marketing from Sports Marketing Academy
  • Duration: 6-7 months with a weekly commitment of 10-12 hours
  • Start: December and July with normally scheduled holidays
  • Modality: Online
  • Language: English
  • Normal price: ¬£119
  • Payment methods: Payment by instalments available
  • Enrollment: Registration open until the start of and throughout the program


In the increasingly competitive Sport & Recreational marketplace, all aspects of Sports Marketing have become paramount for business success. As a result, the education of Sports Marketing Professionals in this sector is growing hugely, due to the ever-increasing demand for professional and more importantly successful sports marketing specialists, both in business companies as in sports, leisure & recreational associations, clubs, federations, foundations, organizations, suppliers and teams.

This prestigious Diploma in Sports Marketing provides you with the appropriate experience, knowledge, recommendation, reputation and tools for your career development as a highly reputable Sports Marketing Industry Professional. With our earn-whilst-you-learn (EWYL) experience, results & training: there is no better reference to a future potential employer in the sports, leisure or recreational industries.


The main goal of the Diploma in Sports Marketing is to prepare you to be a Sports Marketing Professional (SMP) and educate you in the correct use of marketing management strategies, sports operations and financial management within the sports, leisure and recreational industries.

What you’ll learn

  • To understand, analyze and implement marketing strategies, development of marketing products and services, design of marketing materials and media, launching and selling new products and services.
  • To make competent business decisions in relation to the components of a product or service launch, price competitively, product distribution and methods of communication.
  • To understand the quantitative statistical analysis and use diagnostics tools for sports, leisure and recreational market research practices.
  • To understand, analyze and assess the role of digital communities and social media in promoting sports, leisure and recreational products and services to organizations.
  • To interpret the financial statements of successful sports, leisure or recreational organizations.
  • To effectively optimize the management of sports, leisure or recreational facilities or sporting event.

SMP Careers

  • Sports Marketing Professionals and Sponsorship Management (private and public companies)
  • Sports Advertising and Product Branding (manufacturing companies, advertising agencies and media agencies)
  • Sport or Recreational Competitions and Events (professional sports clubs and event organizers)
  • Leadership and Management Professionals (federations, sports associations, professional teams, NGOs and foundations)
  • Sports Consulting (private business-to-consumer and business-to-business initiatives)
  • Sports Authorship and Journalism (publishers, media agencies and public media channels)


The Sports Marketing Academy Diploma in Sports Marketing program consists of 4 levels, each containing progressive coursework delivered by distance learning modules that cover all key areas of sports marketing. Each module has a number of practical coursework units (PCU’s) and each one consists of a continuous assessment test, in which you interactively apply theory, complemented with solving exercises and practical cases in “a real sports marketing environment on real-life projects”.


  • Introduction to the sport, leisure and recreational industries and how sports marketing benefits each of these industries.
  • Market segmentation, target markets, marketplace positioning and the value offered by your sports industry proposal
  • Brand design & marketing of sports, leisure and recreational industry products and services
  • Operational management and marketing: objectives
  • Development and management of products/services in any sports, leisure or recreational organisation
  • Sports retail distribution management and policy
  • Communication and management tools and policy
  • Marketing and communication: web presence, search engine optimisation (SEO), paid advertising and social media advertising
  • Your Sports Business marketing plan
Event management

  • Sports Event types
  • Organisation models
  • Customer candidature
  • Event planning phases
  • Economic and financial management
  • Event marketing and sale process
  • Personnel: Staff and Volunteers
  • Health & Safety Risk Management

Facility management

  • The urban planning of sport facilities
    • Sports facilities planning and real estate acquisition
    • Strategic thoughts in relation to the role the proposed sports facility plays in the local sports infrastructure
    • Functional aspects of the acquisition and design of a proposed sports facility
  • Management models
    • Types and categorisation of sports, leisure and recreational facilities
    • Factors that affect the sports facilities feasibility and success
  • The management plan of any proposed sports facility
    • Potential customer demand and designing activities to deliver
    • Organizational staff structure of a sports, leisure or recreational facility
    • Management of accounts and human resources
    • Real Estate maintenance and management
    • Communication, marketing and commercialisation plan
    • Economic, environmental and financial study


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