Sports Marketing Diploma – SMARTER Academy Products & Services

SMARTER Sports Marketing AcademyHere you will find the four levels of our prestigious Diploma in Sports Marketing Academy, and once enrolled on one of our Diploma programs, you will find unlocked; the further categories of Sports and Recreational Industry products that you will market and sell as you progress through each of the levels of the SMARTER Diploma in Sports Marketing program.

Each level of our diploma is a six-month course which progressively delivers tuition, project coursework and assessments which will systematically unlock your access to the sporting and recreational products that you will have professionally learned to sell into to your local Sports Industry marketplace, as you progress through the four levels of your Diploma. As you progress through each the modules of each of the Diploma’s four levels, each module will provide tuition, a project and passwords to unlock both your (and your potential customers access) so as they can purchase sports industry products and services from you, in a progressively more lucrative series of product and service advancement.

Such is Sports Marketing Limited’s reputation and level of sporting products and services, at Level 4 of your Diploma you can expect to be taking your share of 40% of ¬£500 per sale, plus revenues down through each of the 24 tiers of students – throughout¬† those that you have introduced directly (20% per sale) and those that each student has subsequently introduced into our leading Sports Diploma program.

This not only earns you great revenue from Sports Marketing Academy’s commission allocation for each product or service that you sell yourself, but also from those family and friends that you recommend to join our Diploma program, and just as importantly, from all of the family and friends that those people introduce…and so on – in fact down to 24 tiers of SMARTER students.

And from 40% for every product that you sell for yourself, down to 1% for the 24th tier of students, each introducing other students to our SMARTER Diploma program – it is easy to see how quickly your account balance just builds and builds – even if you are taking a holiday!