Guaranteed work with Sports Marketing Academy partners at Diploma Level 4

Such is the reputation and high-level of Sports Marketing Academy’s prestigious Diploma in Sports Marketing, we will GUARANTEE YOU further work with one of Sports Marketing Academy’s sports, recreational and marketing industry business partner companies, once you have satisfactorily completed Level 4 and completed your Diploma in Sports Marketing with us. We don’t think any other training company in the Sports Industry can offer such a guarantee!

Get paid for recruiting family & friends to the SMARTER AcademyEnrol today to start your Diploma in Sports Marketing and start studying and earning whilst you learn to gain your Diploma in Sports Marketing, studying and working hours to suit and reach your dream career in the Sports Marketing Industry!

Everybody is capable of studying and earning great money on SMARTER’s Earn-Whilst-You-Learn (EWYL) Diploma in Sports Marketing course by distance learning, which also allows all students to make great money by introducing their family and friends to our Sports Marketing Diploma via our SMARTER’s Student Referral Program.

As well as being paid per introduction to the Diploma program, all students will earn 40% of SMARTER’s commission allocation on students you directly refer and your own Sports Marketing sales.

And up to 30% on students that you have referred yourself and those that they have referred. Earn great money on every single product and service that each student will learn to sell across the four levels of our Diploma, across 24 levels of student introduction.