Earn While You Learn (EWYL) – “right from minute one of Diploma Level 1”

Earn while you learn - right from Minute One of Level One

Earn big money with the Referral Program and the Earn While You Learn (EWYL) sales system from Sports Marketing Academy, both combining to provide a great earning and learning solution. Our Diploma in Sports Marketing program is changing the lives of people for the better, all studying at home and working hours to suit their own lifestyles; whilst earning great money, across the world.

EWYL from SMARTER is bringing those with just a few hours and up to a normal 40 hours week, to study and earn great money whilst selling top products and services from leaders in the Sports, Recreational and Marketing Industries. At the forefront of sales & marketing, and alongside those providing SMARTER’s technology that is leading the world’s most advanced sales solutions – SMARTER provides a world-renowned Diploma in Sports Marketing qualification that is second to none.

Offering all enrolled students the opportunity to not only recuperate their tuition fees but to seriously earn great money and wholly profit from their education and time investment.

The world leading Smarter Academy really does workSMARTER’s four-level Earn While You Learn (EWYL) modular distance learning Diploma in Sports Marketing qualification covers many different topics of Sports and Recreational Industry Sales & Marketing, Online Retailing, e-Commerce and Sports Industry Recruitment.

Sports Marketing Academy offers our students terrific commission revenues on both their direct sales of products and services and on those sold by their downward tiers of introduced students via our Student Referral Program; in fact, you will earn commissions on introduced students down to 24 tiers deep!

Our “Diploma in Sports Marketing” is a course of four levels comprising of 6 months each and is widely regarded as the most prestigious Sports Industry qualification available in marketing the sports and recreation industry today. Offering a far greater high earnings potential for EWYL programs, if you follow your mentor’s guidance, instruction and tuition and alongside Sports Marketing Academy’s top-level of sports and recreational industry suppliers and the increasingly high commission allocations Sports Marketing Academy offers – you will earn great money whilst you study towards a highly desired qualification!

From Tier One referrals (products and services sold by you directly), you will get a 40% share of SMARTER’s commission allocation for your own sales. And you will also get 30% share of SMARTER’s commission allocation from Tier Two (the students that you have directly introduced into our Diploma program), and so it follows down the Student Referral Program tiers at decreasing percentages, all the way until you reach the 24th Tier of your referred introductions.

Once you see your high commission revenues building up in your control panel; you’ll find yourself naturally motivated to working harder and you will be naturally more motivated and organized.

You’ll follow up upon more of your own sales leads and to introduce more students into the Multi-Level Marketing system below you. And most importantly; enjoy yourself in your studies and be in control of your own life and spending your time enjoying the earnings that SMARTER’s Diploma in Sports Marketing program provides you with.