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SMARTER Sports Marketing AcademyOur Sports, Leisure and Recreational industry-leading tuition offer you a tremendous and lucrative opportunity to study in your own time, earning great money on both your sales and on the sales of those that you recruit, selling sports industry-leading products and services. Ultimately finishing with you earning our coveted and prestigious Diploma in Sports Marketing.

Our multi-level Student Referral Program offers you the unbelievable opportunity and huge earnings potential to not only earn great commission on your own sales made as you work your way through our structured Diploma coursework but also to introduce family and friends to Sports Marketing Academy and earn huge commissions on the student introductions, products and services that they sell. And earn further commissions on the further student introductions, products and services sold by the people that they have introduced. SMARTER’s Student Referral Program gives you huge earnings potential down through 24 levels under you.

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Please don’t forget, this is leading sports, leisure and recreational training. Selling hugely sought after products and services from across the sports, leisure and recreational industries including competitively priced sportswear, professional marketing services, gymnasium equipment and real estate, sport, leisure and recreational activities; the lot!

Sports Marketing Academy’s courses are convenient. They run both from December to July (to finish for summer) and from July to December (to finish for Christmas and New Year). All we ask for is a commitment to 10-12 hours per week to study and complete the assessment projects. Of course; once you discover the truly lucrative earning potential of the program, you’ll probably devote far more of your time.

“This is not low-priced bottles of shampoo or cleaning products we are selling here. Commissions can be huge – the sports industry marketplace is everywhere and worldwide. Sports Marketing Academy will teach you how to build and best leverage your local market, to construct and maintain an affluent and prosperous life, studying and working hours to suit from within your own home”.

Marketing Manager ESC - Joanne KearneyJoanne Kearney
Marketing Manager